Weddings From Above

weddings from above

Every bride and groom wants their wedding ceremony to truly be that extra special one. That extra special comes from having an experienced minister. One that is easy to work with. One that will help guide you into having your dreams and ideas come true. Make that most special ceremony, the exchanging of vows, rings, and hearts be a ceremony that is a wedding from above!

Pastors John and Nancy Marok are ordained ministers that have been officiating weddings since 1989. We wll meet with you to discuss all your dream details. We will help organize that rehearsal, working with all your bridesmaids, your groomsmen as well as your relatives and friends to make your ceremony extra special.

Pastors John and Nancy have been married over 42 years, they know some of the ups and downs of marriage and always love to give couples tidbits of advice that will get a marriage started on the road to a marriage from above!

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