Insure yourself a Happy Honeymoon!

October 19th, 2010 by All About Honeymoons

No one likes to think of the un-thinkables and what ifs…but life does happen! And in the event it does, it’s important to be covered. Most brides & grooms spend at least double what they would normally spend on a vacation on their honeymoon, and that makes it a big investment.

There are 3 main aspects that travel insurance products should cover. A. Baggage B. Medical C. Cancel/Interruption/Delays.

Baggage is to make sure that if your bags don’t arrive when you do, you can do something about it besides pout. If your bags are “lost” and will be delayed more than 12 hours, the insurance kicks in – go on a shopping spree at the cute hotel boutique and pick-up that swim suit and a toothbrush to get you by! And in the un-likely scenario where your bags don’t ever make it home, you have coverage for re-imbursement of lost goods available. Now that makes the 1st day a little less stressful doesn’t it?

Medical – Even if you have medical coverage here, many policies will not cover you out of the continental US. Be sure to check with your provider for details. If something terrible were to happen to you or your new spouse, there is a 24/7 hotline to speak with and advocate to help you find help, understand what is happening, and pay for parts of your medical needs. There is even coverage for evacuation back home if necessary.

Delays and interruptions are common in travel for various reasons. If your plane is delayed over 6 or more hours, you can get a stipend for food/shelter you were not expecting to need until travel can begin. If you missed the boat so to speak because you were heading for a cruise due to a delay, there is coverage to help you catch up to the next port and begin your fun! Hurricanes happen, and we hope it never finds out what island you are on, but if it does, insurance is there to assist you too.

Cancelling, we are hoping never has to happen. It may be a mom or dad gets really sick and the wedding is post-poned. It might be that, well, it just did not work out after all for the two of you. Cancel for any reason allows you to do so and get reimbursed for any non-refundable costs as long as you cancel 48 hour ahead of departure. That is much funner than honeymooning solo.

There are several large companies that you can purchase insurance through, including your travel agent. Visit this site for more detailed info on specific coverage options. Make sure you insure yourself a less-stress honeymoon by making the small investment in travel insurance for your plans – you will be happy you did!

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