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March 12th, 2010 by All About Honeymoons

The honeymoon is often the last on the wedding to-do list, but a very important aspect of the wedding experience! Often your honeymoon is the part you remember long after all the “mermaid blue” tulle & taffeta are down from the rafters! Make sure you have planned ahead so that you can enjoy a wonderful honeymoon rather than trying to pull something off that leaves you hoping you will honeymoon sometime later…it rarely happens!

The average honeymoon lasts 5 to 7 days and the average cost is $4000. This is a good reference point when starting to plan your budget. The following should help you get started on planning , setting your budget & what direction to head for your dream honeymoon!

Start with how long do you have to honeymoon after the wedding week. Do you have out of town guests that you need to entertain after the wedding date? Can you leave Sunday or Monday? When do you need to return (typically to get back to the real world and work)?

When is your big day? Travel has peak seasons where prices are significantly higher than other times of year including spring break and the Christmas holiday season. You will need a bigger budget during these timeframes vs. other times for the same location & resort!

Do you want to leave the country?  It is necessary at this point to have a passport to fly – First time applications are $75 Plus a processing fee.

Are you a 3-star or 5-star property person? Is it important that your room have a view of the ocean or OK to be garden view?  Do you plan to sit on the beach all day or venture out on excursions daily? Will you need a rental car where you are going or can you get a shuttle from the airport? All these components will affect your budget.

If you are on a tight budget or want to know in advance just how much a trip will cost, All-Inclusive options are a great choice! A-Is are available throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. Your stay, food, beverages, gratuities, taxes & many on-property activities including snorkeling are included in your price upfront! No worries about how much your spending while on vacation – you have already got it covered!

Travel insurance is a must for honeymooners. The cost for such coverage is minimal compared to having to buy replacement air tickets, new wardrobes for lost baggage or needing medical care wherever you are! The fee will vary with your age, length of stay and cost of trip.  A cancel for any reason policy (also a good idea!) for a couple under 30 years old for the average honeymoon is $298 or less.

DYIs –  please be careful if booking on-line specials. These are typically run-of-house rooms – meaning poor view or last of the lot. Often the airfare is not a great itinerary costing you time that can be avoided. If they have oversold the property you may get bumped to a property you’ve not even heard of let alone researched! This is your special day, don’t save a buck and cause your honeymoon to be memorable for the wrong reasons.

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