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September 19th, 2012 by figueroadjwedaz

The following editorial for Weddings Arizona! was written by Matthew Figueroa of Figueroa Disc Jockey Service. Serving the Metropolitan Phoenix area since 1985, Matthew knows the value of working with vendors who are professionals in each of their fields. Matthew has nearly 50 years of combined experience with the Weddings Arizona! Members.

To some people, sitting in a VIP section is about having the recognition that others know they are there- but to most people, it’s more about the feeling you get when everybody knows your name. One great American sitcom named, “Cheers” featured a famous theme song, “Where everybody knows your name”. It’s the restaurant or coffee shop where the server knows your order, greets you with a smile or a half-hug when they see your face, and you may even know other customers. It’s where you go to feel like you belong or that it’s “your place”.

I was recently reflecting what it is like to work at my favorite venues, with my favorite vendors; it’s like a “Cheers” moment. We greet each other as such, have knowledge of one another’s style, know their needs or preferences, and have a spring in our step knowing the enjoyment we’ll have from the evening. As a professional, we are fully capable of working with almost any new vendor. No matter how ‘green’ they are, if the rest of the professionals around them know what they are doing, it’s likely the event will still be a success. But when you look at your vendors as a team that will create your wedding experience, wouldn’t you want a group who work together well and know each other’s names?

In closing, meeting new vendors is a part of the wedding industry that every professional hopes they will not regret. When we work with professionals we know, we work as a seasoned team and it surely shows. The Weddings Arizona! Vendors have a wealth of experience with each other and it shows. Ask your Weddings Arizona! professional for an incentive when you use more than one of our preferred vendors.

Weddings Arizona! Tip from Figueroa Disc Jockey Service: When interviewing wedding professionals for your event, ask who they refer. Then follow-up with the question, “Do they pay you a referral fee?”

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