A Mess or a Success

August 17th, 2010 by chocolatefountaingourmet

A Mess or a Success?

Allow your guests to indulge in a mouth-savoring experience of the finest chocolate.  We personalize your table display and try to maintain the tablescape as a clean, presentable centerpiece.

However, at a recent wedding, the photographer decided to take a picture of the fountain toward the end of the evening, I was embarrassed for her to photograph the fountain covered in chocolate.  She said “I think it looks cute, and you can tell it was the hit of the party”.  So, what I saw as a mess, I was told a different story through the eyes of the photographer.  Even though we clean the fountain continuously throughout the event, at the end of the day, one can tell the guests really enjoyed the chocolate.  So the next time you see a chocolate fountain that might be a little untidy, ask yourself if it was a mess or a success?  We hope you will allow Chocolate Fountain Gourmet to be the hit of your next event.

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